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POLLEN 50% CBD 14% CBG - French Pollen

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Pollen CBD 50% CBG 7%
Discover our CBD CBG Pollen, a product that embodies the excellence of hemp and offers you an enriching CBD experience. We are proud to present this unique pollen, which is the result of our commitment to quality and innovation.
The CBD CBG Alliance:
Our CBD CBG Pollen is a perfect fusion between two renowned cannabinoids: CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol). This combination creates a powerful entourage effect, providing a more complete and balanced CBD experience.
Superior quality :
We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality possible. Our CBD CBG Pollen is produced from carefully selected hemp varieties, cultivated with care to guarantee a high cannabinoid content while respecting the strictest quality standards.
Versatile and Customizable:
Our CBD CBG Pollen is versatile and can be used in many ways. Whether you prefer to vape it, mix it with food, or use it as an ingredient in your own creations, this pollen gives you a multitude of possibilities for incorporating CBD and CBG into your routine.
Purity and Authenticity:
Our commitment to purity and authenticity is reflected in every gram of our CBD CBG Pollen. You can be confident that you are getting a product with no additives or cutting agents, just the natural purity of hemp.
The Choice of the Best Flowers:
Our Hash CBD CBG is made from the most beautiful flowers from our farm. These flowers are carefully selected, then cut and frozen to preserve their freshness and their precious compounds.
Extraction by Stirring Technique in Frozen Water:
Once the flowers are prepared, they are extracted with a stirring technique in frozen water. This gentle method separates cannabinoid-rich trichomes from plant materials.
Precision Filtration:
Filtration is carried out on a vibrating mesh in order to recover only the fraction of trichomes most concentrated in active ingredients. This process guarantees the purity and concentration of our hash.
Preservation of Texture and Aromas:
The trichomes thus obtained are then dehydrated and packaged in the freezer in airtight jars. This method best preserves the texture and aromatic properties of this exceptional resin, offering you an unparalleled CBD CBG experience.
Our Ultra-Concentrated CBD CBG Hash embodies excellence in the field of hemp products. Each step of its creation is carried out with constant concern for quality and purity. Discover the power of CBD and CBG in this exceptional resin and explore a new level of wellness with our premium hash.
Optimal storage temperature: 15-20°C
Place of storage: Avoid contact with light, humid areas, excessive temperature differences as well as exposure to the open air

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