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Moonrock 50% CBD
Our Moonrocks are much more than just CBD Moon Rocks. They are the result of a perfect fusion between nature and craftsmanship, handmade with love and expertise in our workshops in France. With us, you will find 100% natural Moonrocks, without any cutting products or additives.
A Unique Process:
Our Moonrocks are made from our highest quality CBD flowers, carefully coated in concentrated full-spectrum extract. Then, they are rolled in CBD skuff, an artisanal method that ensures that each Moonrock achieves a particularly high level of active ingredients, while preserving the integrity of the product.
Quality and Purity:
Our commitment to quality and purity is unwavering. Each step in the creation of our Moonrocks is carried out with the greatest care to ensure that you receive a product that above all respects the plant and its precious components. Our Moonrocks are a true celebration of the power and diversity of CBD, delivering an unrivaled experience with every use.
Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Moonrocks 50% CBD, a unique creation that invites you to explore the wonders of nature and French craftsmanship. Discover the difference with our Moonrocks, designed for those who demand the best from CBD.
Characteristics of Moonrock 50% CBD:
Clear and Coated Appearance: Moonrocks are distinguished by their clear appearance and their careful coating. This visual characteristic makes them instantly recognizable.
Oily and Malleable Texture at the Core: Inside each Moonrock, you will find an oily and malleable texture. This feature makes it easy to shape them according to your preferences, providing a personalized user experience.
Floral and Fresh Smell: The smell of Moonrocks is a true sensory experience. It is both floral and fresh, evoking the natural aromas of hemp flowers. This delicate fragrance adds a pleasant dimension to your use of Moonrocks.
Moonrocks 50% CBD are a true expression of the quality and purity of CBD, combining a distinctive appearance, a malleable texture and a captivating smell. Discover the perfect harmony between nature and French craftsmanship with our Moonrocks, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding CBD lovers.
Optimal storage temperature: 15-20°C
Place of storage: Avoid contact with light, humid areas, excessive temperature differences as well as exposure to the open air

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