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APPOLON by KROMIOS 18% CBD - French Resin

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APPOLON by KROMIOS 18% CBD - French Resin
Apolon by KROMIOS is much more than just a CBD resin. It is a true work of art resulting from the expert alliance of two pollens from our carefully selected varieties: CBD flowers and CBG flowers. This unique combination creates a complete entourage effect, offering an enriched CBD experience.
The Creation Process:
The flowers used for Apolon by KROMIOS are treated with the greatest care. First, they are slowly dried, preserving their natural texture and aromatic qualities. Then they are cold sifted, a meticulous process that preserves the integrity of the resin while elevating its qualities.
Enhancement of Aromas by Hot Pressing:
To reveal the full aromatic potential of our resin, once packaged, it is hot pressed. This process highlights the oily side of this resin and fully expresses its rich and captivating aromas.
Apolon by KROMIOS is much more than just a CBD resin. It is a complete sensory experience, resulting from French expertise in the field of hemp. Discover an exceptional CBD resin, created with passion to offer you an unforgettable CBD experience.

Characteristics of APPOLON by KROMIOS 18% CBD - French Resin:

Unique Appearance: This resin is distinguished by its dark exterior which evolves into a brown hue within the material, creating a visually captivating appearance.

Dense and Resinous Texture: Appolon by KROMIOS offers a dense and resinous texture, which makes it an easy product to handle and dose according to your preferences.

Typical Earthy Odor: Its odor is characteristic and typical "earthy", evoking the rich aromas of nature and hemp. This olfactory note adds an authentic sensory dimension to your experience with Appolon by KROMIOS.

This combination of visual characteristics, textures and aromas makes Appolon by KROMIOS an exceptional CBD resin that invites you to explore the pleasures of premium CBD. Enjoy this unique experience with our carefully crafted French resin.

Optimal storage temperature: 15-20°C
Place of storage: Avoid contact with light, humid areas, excessive temperature differences as well as exposure to the open air

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