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Amnesia Haze CBD flower is a very popular Sativa cannabis strain. It comes from a cross between the original Haze and several different strains, resulting in a premium CBD flower.

Amnesia Haze CBD flowers have an intense aroma and complex flavor, which blends notes of citrus, spice and wood. They contain a high level of cannabinoids, notably CBD (cannabidiol), as well as traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), but in very low quantities (less than 0.2% in Europe and 0.3% in the United States). .

This strain is particularly popular for its relaxing and stimulating effects, which can help reduce anxiety and stress, while stimulating creativity and concentration. However, as with any cannabis strain, it is important to consume Amnesia Haze CBD flower responsibly and follow the laws in force in your country.

All our flowers are controlled and certified.

Our products are authentic:

  • We do not add CBD powder to our products

  • We do not add chemical terpenes to our products to improve the smell.


    • Dominant: Sativa 
    • Strain: Haze 
    • CBD: around 10%
    • Cultivation: Indoor 
    • Aromas: Lemon - Peppery - Woody 
    • To try to fight against: Depression - Anxiety - Chronic pain 

    European Decree No. 639-2014:

    This flower scrupulously complies with the legislation, with a THC level <0.2%.

    Its powerful tropical fruity flavors as well as its notes of lemon and pepper will delight your palate.

    It will be perfect in infusion with a hint of milk or honey for example.

    You can also incorporate it into your cooking recipes ! Don’t hesitate to use your imagination!

    To infuse: Prepare hot water, like a classic herbal tea or tea, and add the CBD flowers with a fatty substance such as milk, cream, butter or vegetable oil. CBD is a lipophilic molecule and therefore needs fatty substances to release all its benefits.

    KROMIOS laboratories advise you to consume your CBD herbal tea in the evening one hour before bedtime in order to prepare your body for sleep.

    During your food preparations, it is easily incorporated into cakes, pastries, etc.

    CBD indications :

    Stress – anxiety, neuromuscular and inflammatory pain, insomnia, behavioral disorders, muscle recovery, addictions (stopping smoking, THC cannabis, etc.), tremors, bulimia and obesity, Alzheimer’s, etc.

    Warning: this product cannot be considered as a treatment or medicine.

    DO NOT SMOKE : We do not recommend this mode of consumption.

    Combustion is harmful regardless of the product.

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