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ARTEMIS by KROMIOS 20% CBD - French Resin

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ARTEMIS by KROMIOS 20% CBD - French Resin - Le Jaune CBD Resin , intact cannabinoids.
The Manufacturing of Yellow Resin:
Our Yellow Resin is produced using a negative temperature sifting method, which preserves all the properties of the material and keeps the cannabinoids intact. To obtain this quality resin, the hemp plants are shaken on a specially designed sieve in a room with negative temperatures. This technique ensures that the valuable compounds in hemp remain intact throughout the process.
Frothy Texture thanks to the Cold Press:
Using our cold press method gives our CBD resin a unique foamy texture. Under the pressure of the fingers, it crumbles into a foam, which facilitates its use and dosage. This characteristic texture is the result of our commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of the resin.
A 100% French CBD Resin:
Just like our entire range of CBD resins, Le Jaune Mousseux is a French reference. It is carefully made not far from our laboratories, a region renowned for its know-how in hemp-based products. We are proud to distribute this quality resin nationwide. In addition, the hemp used for production comes exclusively from French hemp crops, which confirms our commitment to the quality and authenticity of our products.
Floral & Citrus Scent:
In addition to its intrinsic qualities, Le Jaune is also renowned for its captivating aroma. When you open the sachet, you will be greeted by a subtle yet captivating scent, blending delicate floral notes and refreshing citrus nuances. This olfactory experience adds a unique sensory dimension to your use of our resin, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Optimal storage temperature: 15-20°C

Place of conservation: Avoid contact with light, humid areas, excessive temperature differences as well as exposure to the open air

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