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ANNAPURNA by KROMIOS 35% CBD - French Resin

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ANNAPURNA by KROMIOS 35% CBD - French Resin
Annapurna by KROMIOS is a true ode to tradition and craftsmanship. Our product, La Crème, is a CBD-dominant hash, inspired by the authentic Nepalese Temple Ball hash. This hash is created in an artisanal way in our workshops, using our own dry sift of hemp flowers. Every step of production is carried out with care to ensure an exceptional experience.
The Creation Process:
The magic of La Crème lies in the manufacturing process. It all starts with our hemp flower dry sift, which is meticulously shaped and heat molded by hand. This artisanal method creates a hash of exceptional quality, reminiscent of traditional hash production methods in Nepal.
High Level of CBD:
With an impressive 35% CBD content, Annapurna by KROMIOS offers a cannabinoid-rich CBD experience, perfectly balanced for those seeking the benefits of CBD while appreciating the tradition of hash.
An Invitation to Authenticity:
Annapurna by KROMIOS embodies the authenticity of hemp culture and French craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality and tradition is reflected in every gram of La Crème. Discover this unique CBD experience, inspired by ancient Nepalese hash-making methods, and enjoy the marriage of tradition and innovation in each ball.

Characteristics of ANNAPURNA by KROMIOS 35% CBD - French Resin:

Brown and Oily Appearance: The Cream is distinguished by its brown and oily appearance, evoking the authenticity of traditional hash. This rich hue is a sign of quality and purity.

Creamy and Malleable Texture: Its creamy and malleable texture makes La Crème easy to handle and shape according to your preferences. You can enjoy it in the way that suits you best.

Sweet and Enchanting Smell: The scent of La Crème is a unique sensory experience. It is both sweet and floral and enhanced with light spices. This combination of aromas creates an enchanting olfactory ambiance that adds an extra dimension to your CBD experience.

ANNAPURNAS by KROMIOS Cream is the result of a harmonious marriage between tradition and innovation. With its distinctive visual characteristics, textures and aromas, it embodies the superior quality and authenticity of our French resin. Discover an unforgettable CBD experience with La Crème.

Optimal storage temperature: 15-20°C
Place of storage: Avoid contact with light, humid areas, excessive temperature differences as well as exposure to the open air

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