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Shaving bowl + jutte bag

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This large wooden Mr BROWN shaving bowl is a good partner for shaving, perfectly used to install shaving cream, soap or brush, useful for your beard cleaning. High quality wood, corrosion resistant and durable for longer use. Fine texture inside and outside of the bowl, which is light, firm and environmental protection.

Composition: bamboo wood

Products made in Oregon that smell like America

It is in the heart of American culture, in the state of Oregon, that our products are manufactured to meet the quality requirements that we set for each of our accessories.

Located in Northern California, Oregon is a place where nature is more than ever at the heart of people's lives.

In contrast, this state has a semi-arid climate and benefits from wonders that are as impressive as they are sumptuous, from its waterfall chain to its desert in the east of the country.

There is also a forest providing a relatively humid climate.

It is in this context that we have particularly selected two types of wood for our products.

Quality woods recognized for their virtues

All the nature-filled spirit of Oregon can be found in Mr BROWN's accessories.

Thus, the woods that we mainly use for our products are mahogany and beech wood.

Mahogany, which is widely found in this region of the United States, is a particularly aesthetic wood thanks to its pinkish, reddish essence.

Of great aesthetic quality, it is also particularly prized for its resistance.

Beech is the second wood that we use for our accessories in the Mr BROWN range, a noble, light-colored wood that smells of nature.

Holding an accessory made from one of these two woods is like feeling instantly transported to America and breathing in its natural scents!

A French design for the finishing touch

If we attach great importance to the American spirit in the design of our products, we nevertheless want to keep a French touch in the development of them.

So, if the accessories are manufactured in Oregon, the design takes place directly in France.

French know-how is important to us and offering products that successfully combine the charm and quality of products from across the Atlantic with French charm is a primary factor in our finished products.

Traveling through natural spaces as rich as they are immense in the United States and benefiting from high French quality, this is our goal in offering you an ever more sought-after range of accessories.

Travel from your bathroom and benefit from our best know-how!

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